Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament V


The Sullivan Boyz (OK, really just one of the Boyz with sidekick Chris) traveled to "compete" in the Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament.  I joined 64 other players for a 6 round tournament.  Day 1 was 3 games done in a swiss style.  After that you were put into groups of 8 (presumably with your peer group in victory) and played 3 more games.


I had a great time, though my Nurgle army struggled against some of the other armies, and my meager skills and lack of familiarity with seventh edition were a hindrance as well.  I ended up 2-4, though 2 of my losses were pretty close.  I learned a ton, had a good time and will most certainly attend next year (hopefully with more of the crew).  I'll spare you (and myself) my usual blow by blow report and give some general impressions.  The missions were modified book missions on mirror image tables that had . . . . drum roll .. . . line of sight blocking terrain.  The book mission was worth 4 points, there was a maelstrom mission where you rolled every turn to see what objectives you would get that  netted you another possible 3.   Added to this were the 3 bonus points of: slay the warlord, line-breaker and first blood.  It allowed armies more of a competitive advantage by allowing 6 other points besides the mission.  It does tend to privilege fast moving armies and armies that can hold multiple points.  My army was good at holding static points, but it was bad at moving about and getting where it needed to be.  Overall the maestrom felt a bit random, but added spice to the game.


I played 2 fairly rock hard competitive lists.  Taudar with Eldrad, wave serpents etc. Though not as tooled as it could be.  The other army was a Centurion death-star sporting Grey night allies with Draigo and it had 14 psychic dice.   Mostly my opponent rolled dice and I removed a unit or 2 a turn.  I managed to keep up with maelstrom points until I lost most of the army.   I'm not much on this hyper compensative type of play, so I took my beating with grace and assumed I wouldn't face anything that extreme later on.  In general the brackets would Greentree you'd play comparable armies or players on day 2.    I played 2 very nicely painted armies: Chris D's Lamentor army display board was pretty awesome.  Please check out a video of it in action here.  Also Ted N's space wolves.  Both had great appearance and were balanced lists.  I played another nice game against Matt W's Space Wolves.  Matt went on to win the Orlando Bloom award for not wining any games.  It was almost me.  A different die roll or two in our game could have gone either way.  My last game was a bye, as some people left before the tourney was over.  Three games is probably one too many on the Sunday, but one should bear up and play the third game.  I played James, one of the Battle for Salvation Club members.  He played an Astra Militarum all tank list.  I manged to eke out a win against it with only 9 models left alive at the end.  I won the maelstrom points and the scenario when my rhino popped smoke and survived to shots from his tanks..  Pictures are below.  Enjoy.


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